Dealer Point Registration Process (DPRP)

Dealer Point Registration Process is online registration of vehicles at Dealerís end. Now Dealerís can register vehicles online without any delay and offer Special Numbers, Fancy Numbers, Choice Numbers on the spot at the time of sale to their customers. (Only two wheelers and four wheelers in non commercial segment.

Application Process & Documentation

  • STEP 1: Download Application forms which comprises of two documents namely, an Affidavit and application form respectively.
  • STEP 2: Affidavit needs to be printed on 50 or 100 Rs stamp paper.
  • STEP 3: Fill the application form completely. Attach Affidavit and Xerox copy of your Dealershipís Trade Certificate.
  • STEP 4: Submit all three documents in your respective RTO and get the receipt for the same.
  • STEP 5: Your File after the approval from RTO will be sent to TC office for final approval.
  • STEP 6: After final approval, an ID and PASSWORD will be generated for you and sent at your official mail IDs mentioned in the application form.